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Aspire.more able has expanded for over a decade into three different divisions:

Thinkers in Education deliver specialist events focussing on Gifted, Able and Talented provision within a STEM context - in schools from the UK to Australia.

Thinkers in Business deliver effective team building days for SME's and Corporate clients in order to identify and improve staff performance.

The Think Some More Store sells educational products to schools and parents in addition to the best Strategy Board Games available.

As a company we concentrate on designing specialist resources and events for ‘Gifted and Talented’ pupils and for teachers to promote thinking skills in the curriculum. All of our resources are developed and tested by experienced teachers - for teachers. This ensures that not only is relevant material included but that it is delivered with appropriate pace, depth and variety in a practical yet stimulating manner. Our official launch was at the Education Show 2002. We regularly exhibit at ASE, Gifted & Talented and STEM conferences and have links to our site with the DfES – excellence in cities, Schoolzone, Science Onestop and the STEM Directories.

We started with resources for science programmes and we are now regarded as one of the leading providers of national Gifted & Talented activities. We work with hundreds of schools each year, delivering cross-curricular events and training programmes, and we are proud of our record to date - 100% of these schools recommend the events we deliver*. Our international programmes also continue to develop. We are excited to be invited, as lead advisers from the UK, to work with Hong Kong in their development of new programmes for their Gifted and Talented youngsters.

Our resources are unique - facilitating a new way to provide motivating lessons for ‘more able’ pupils. Presentations that encourage dynamic and targeted teaching across the department - allowing the department to deliver the lessons to the same excellent standard throughout. The teacher is engaged in the role as facilitator for learning - interacting with fully organised presentations, which require minimal preparation – “saving time and effort in planning” (Schoolzone review – 2004).

"Excellent" The questioning style central to our resources is noted to be particularly effective - motivating the pupils and increasing their levels of understanding. “As an experienced coordinator for the ‘gifted and talented’ I have a genuine concern for pupils being encouraged to think about the science involved; allowing them to generate and assess their own ideas to explain the scientific phenomena introduced in the lesson.” (M Hackett, Founder of Aspire.more able)

Centred on challenging concepts and skills made explicit in the National Curriculum for England, lessons are delivered as PowerPoint presentations or using OHP transparencies. The lessons are written to be easily inserted into any syllabus and are equally well received by specific ‘high ability’ or ‘mixed ability’ sets. The progress and enjoyment of pupils participating in the lessons has been clearly noted. The delivery and content of the lessons work together to provide a stimulating learning environment, where science and citizenship is not only challenging but also ‘fun’.

* Figures based on those from 2002 until last update - March 2011

Pupils develop thinking skills rather than recite facts! Lessons are carefully structured, with questions and tasks of progressive complexity. There is a mixture of enrichment and extension activities, which consolidate existing knowledge and enhance comprehension and application skills. Through problem solving, practical work and teamwork the pupils are challenged to synthesize new concepts and ideas. The style of delivery of the lesson distinguishes these curriculum supplements from the others available.
Aspire. more able - "standardising excellent provision for the gifted & talented"